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Referee Coordinator – Stuart Marcus
(973) 945-0618

Anyone interested in becoming a certified referee can get more information on the requirements and course at

Registered Referee Links

Arbiter Sports Assigning System (Registered Users Only)
Referee Game Report 

Referee Reminders

    1. Red/Yellow Cards
    2. Whistle
    3. Stop watch or other timekeeping device
    4. Flags
    5. Pencil & pad
    6. A copy of the Club guidelines (always a good idea for reference)
    7. Coin for coin toss

Informational Links

IFAB – Laws of the Game
2020/2021 IFAB Changes to the Laws of the Game

New Jersey Referee Committee

Informational Videos

Myths of the Game Video – Handball
Myths of the Game Video – Offside
Myths of the Game Video – Dangerous Play
Myths of the Game Video – Throw In
Myths of the Game Video – Goalkeeper
Offside Position